I’m the78mole, also known to some as Daniel. I’m a hobbyist in electronics since an age of 6 and ever improved my skills. I was a trainee as an energy electronics technician at a big metal company and finished the traineeship in 1997. After that, I went to school again to get the high-school diploma. After a year of community service, I went to Univerisity in 2003 and finished electronics engineering in 2007 with a diploma. I stayed for another three years at univerity, accompanying 12 students to get their pre-diploma or diploma work done. During these years, my expertise was testing of integrated circuits and VHDL (including VHDL-AMS).

After this time, I founded a start-up in the area of economic optimization of combined heat and power plants. Because of announced changes in regulation, we decided to close the company again after 3 years. Then I started applying for jobs as an employee. Now I’m working as a project manager for L+G, a metering company in the area of heat metering.

Beside of this, I’m still addicted heavily to electronics, software, firmware and system development. Sooner or later, I’ll get back for job into this area.